Lawyers who provide advice and services to franchisee groups / associations in Toronto ON

Mr. David Kornhauser and Michael Kleinman, the lawyers behind the website, provide clients who are in Toronto, in Ontario and indeed across Canada, with advice and guidance in forming and organizing franchisee associations.

We understand that many franchisees have made a big investment into their franchised businesses. We want to ensure that that franchisees have every opportunity of operating a successful business. In a successful franchise system, the franchisor is a cooperative and supportive 'partner' with the franchisee. In other franchise systems, the franchisor's interests are contrary to the franchisee's interests.

It has been repeatedly observed that franchised businesses are characterized by an imbalance of power between franchisee and franchisor. Invariably, franchise agreements are drafted by franchisors. Not surprisingly, they favour and tend to protect franchisors' interests rather than those of franchisees. Franchisees rarely have an opportunity to negotiate the terms of franchise agreements. There are several other aspects to the power imbalance. Franchisees and franchisors are rarely on an equal financial footing. There is also an information imbalance.

Franchisee associations facilitate inter-franchisee communication and the sharing of information and ideas. The right to associate is now fully protected by existing franchise legislation and franchisee associations will undoubtedly play an increasingly important role in franchisor-franchisee relations in the years to come.

Franchisee associations are established, funded and operated entirely by franchisees. Franchisees are able to deliberate issues openly and without franchisor interference or input. The positions they take with respect to the franchisor represent what they perceive is in their collective bests interests. A strong bargaining position and a united front increase the odds of achieving a resolution to outstanding issues more favourable to that position.

David Kornhauser and Michael Kleinman understand how franchisee associations' work. If you are one of a group of franchisees who wishes to correct the imbalance of power between a franchisor and their franchisees, we are the lawyers to speak to. Although we are lawyers, we speak your language and can translate legalese into layman's terms.

If you need legal assistance with franchisee associations, visit, contact either David Kornhauser by phone at either 416-862-6280 or or by e-mail at or or Michael Kleinman at or by e-mail at or

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