Helping franchisees in Toronto

Mr. David Kornhauser and Michael Kleinman, the lawyers behind the website, provide franchisees who are in Toronto, in Ontario and indeed across Canada, with a wide range of services. Franchisees are individuals or partners who purchase a franchise to acquire the knowledge, experience, and resources necessary to expand a franchisor's business while building wealth and success for themselves as well. Most franchisees are essentially paying for the intellectual property of a business to help it expand while personally benefiting themselves by owning a profitable business. It's a win/win situation for everyone, but can be very confusing territory for new business owners.

We provide professional advice to help franchisees with a wide range of services. We provide legal assistance with:
  • the acquisition of a franchise
  • renewals and sales
  • relationships problems between franchisee and franchisor
We understand that the process of obtaining a franchise can be overwhelming, but we have helped hundreds of clients in the exact same situation and have allowed them the resources and advice necessary to give them the best opportunity of becoming successful franchisees.

David Kornhauser and Michael Kleinman understand what buying and operating a franchise is all about. If you are purchasing a franchise, either from the franchisor or an existing franchisee, selling a franchise, or having problems with your franchisor, we are the lawyers to speak to. Although we are lawyers, we speak your language and can translate legalese into layman's terms.

If you need legal assistance, visit, contact either David Kornhauser by phone at either 416-862-6280 or or by e-mail at or or Michael Kleinman at or by e-mail at or

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