Why you need a Franchise Lawyer in Ontario

If you’re thinking about buying a franchise business, chances are you’ve done a great deal of research and investigation already. You’ve probably sat in sales meetings, interviewed other franchisees, prepared business plans and asked countless questions. You may have even boarded a plane and visited the franchisor’s head office. You’re nearly ready to sign the agreements and make everything official. However, you will have missed one important step; hiring a franchise lawyer to ensure that you understand your rights and obligations as a franchisee.

If you’re not sure that a franchise lawyer is necessary, consider this:

Franchise lawyers know what’s important. When purchasing a franchise there is a great deal of information to take in and understand. There are restrictions and obligations and a franchise lawyer will help you understand these restrictions and obligations to ensure that not only the purchase goes smoothly, but that you’re entering a good relationship with the franchisor.

Franchise lawyers understand both franchise legislation that operates in various provinces across Canada, including Ontario, and the numerous court decisions which affects a franchisee’s and franchisor’s rights, responsibilities and obligations.

Franchise lawyers can provide counsel about setting up your business. The decision about how to set up your new business is important and will impact your tax filings, and certain legal requirements and liabilities. Taking the time to think this decision through is critical and less costly than making the wrong decision.

Franchise lawyers can help in the future. No one buys a franchise assuming it won’t succeed. But, sometimes circumstances come up that make business ownership challenging or impossible. A franchise lawyer can help walk you through making changes to your franchise agreement in the future or even closing your business down if it becomes necessary.

Whether this is your first step into owning a business or if you’re already a business owner looking to expand your portfolio, it’s important to have an experienced lawyer on your side. Don’t assume that the franchisor’s in-house or external lawyer, will look after your interests. These lawyers work for the franchisor, not for you. They won’t be looking for ways to negotiate a better deal for you or to protect your business and legal interests.

Mr. David Kornhauser and Mr. Michael Kleinman are esteemed franchise lawyers serving the Ontario region. If you’re considering purchasing a franchise business, schedule a consultation by calling the office of MacDonald, Sager, Manis LLP today.

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